Group Work: Marian Chace

26. January 2024

Course duration: 6 days,  42 hours

January 26th / 27th / 28th / 29th / 30th / 31st 2024

Costs CHF  900.-

Language: German / English

German at least B2 level

In this course you will experience group therapy in its practical application. Focusing on one of the pioneers of dance therapy Marian Chace (1896-1970), you will be introduced to her understanding of dance as a medium of communication. The method of the “Chace Circle” named after her is especially suitable for stabilizing work in psychiatry. Simple in form, the method is complex in its application and requires a high and fine attention, a strong emotional expressiveness as well as a large movement repertoire on the part of the therapist. The “8 Healing Factors” according to Marian Chace are explored together and integrated into a modern treatment concept. You will practice building therapy sessions in a meaningful way, working out interactional themes of the group and leading them into emotional expression and creative design. You will learn to use the circle form as a supportive setting and to deal with conflicts and crises in the group.


Ariane Konrad

Philosopher M.A., Dance Movement Therapist DGT
Trauma Therapist NARM® Practitioner