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Your position as a dance and movement therapist

At ZOE SCHOOL we strive to train you at a professional level as a future Dance Movement Therapist.

The growing body of research in recent years confirms the effectiveness of Dance Movement Therapy, which we incorporate into our teaching. You will therefore receive evidence-based training, which will allow you to align your practice with current research.

This means that as a dance therapist trained at the ZOE SCHOOL dance therapist trained at the ZOE SCHOOL is given the same status as other health professions taught at universities and universities of applied sciences.


We have found internships for you:

Our internships are in the following areas

– rehabilitation
– prisons
– addiction
– Palliative care
– Retirement and care centers
– Children and young people

located. If you have your own suggestion for an institution for your internship, we are open and will check whether the position meets our guidelines.

Memberships and recognitions

What sets us apart:

The course is an educational institute recognized by OdA ARTECURA for the preparation of the Higher SwissFederal Diploma in Arts Therapy specializing in Dance movement Therapy.

The school is a member of IACAET/International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy and accredited as an official educational institute.

ZOE SCHOOL is an educational institute registered with e-log (Plattform für Weiterbildung Pflege).

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Position in the Swiss Educational System

Together with universities and universities of applied sciences, higher vocational education and training forms the tertiary level of the Swiss education system.

“The Higher Swiss Federal Diploma examination represents high-quality professional development for Arts Therapists in the field of Dance Movement Therapy. Practice-oriented, competence- and job market-oriented, the course promotes in particular application-oriented learning, methodical and networked thinking as well as the analysis of job-related tasks in order to quickly put the acquired knowledge into practice.” 

More information: Swiss education system /Higher vocational education and training

Graph Data on the national education system

School Advisory Board

The school advisory board supports the development of the school in an advisory capacity. It is involved in matters that are important for the school in terms of its vision, values and the further development of learning and teaching content.

The school advisory board consists of two teachers, one external advisor, one student per course and the school management.

Staff unit evidence

Evidence-informed work - the future of the Swiss healthcare system

We maintain a staff unit for evidence. It informs ZOE SCHOOL about the latest research findings and their application in practice.