Costs and financing

The cost

  • Entrance examination:                                                               CHF 300.-
  • Crediting of external learning achievements (if desired):       CHF 100.- to 200.-
  • Whole course (incl. costs for all 7 module examinations):              CHF 42’400.-
    Tuition fees are paid per semester  or per month .
  • Examination registration fee/CHF 50.- for each module examination


  • Examination pre-profession (if necded):             CHF 300.-
  • Equivalency test (if necded):                               CHF 200.- 
  • Examination Higher Swiss Federal Diploma see overview of fees

If you have participated the Federal Higher Federal Diploma examination, you can request  financing from the Federal Government and receive approx. 25 % up to CHF 10’050.- back. More Information  here

ZOE SCHOOL FOR DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY is not able to give scholarships.