Study Formats Requirements and Admission Criteria

Prerequisite for admission to the Federal Advanced Federal Diploma Examination

Please note that you will only receive the module certificates to be admitted to the Eidg, Höhere Fachprüfung if you fulfill all admission criteria and successfully complete all 7 module examinations.

Our 4 Study Formats

Study format group A

You have an upper secondary school diploma and a tertiary A/B professional degree in the relevant field. You have at least 2 years of professional experience in your profession (at least 50%). After each successfully completed module exam, you will receive the respective module certificate. All module certificates allow you to take the Federal Higher Professional Examination. After the training you can apply for the branch certificate.

Study format group B

You have an upper secondary degree or a non-relevant tertiary A/B degree. You complete the equivalency exam by the end of the 3rd semester. After each successfully completed module exam, you will receive the respective module certificate. All module certificates allow you to take the Federal Higher Professional Examination. After the training you can apply for the branch certificate.

Study format group C

You are enrolled at another school accredited by OdA ARTECURA and complete a module and the module examination with us and receive the corresponding module certificate or confirmation of module attendance and confirmation for the module examination.

Study format group D

You want to take a course or module with us as continuing education.

Procedure Admission

How you and we proceed if you want to study with us

  1. You contact us by mail or telephone. We will discuss your previous education for the ev requirement of the equivalence test and related to the possibility of recognition of foreign learning achievements.
  2. You will receive all the necessary forms for the admission procedure by e-mail.
  3. You return the admission dossier including the registration for the entrance examination to us at the latest 10 days before the practical entrance examination day.
  4. You complete the online questionnaire as part of the entrance examination and as a prerequisite for participation in the practical entrance examination day.
  5. You will receive the invitation for the practical entrance examination day.
  6. We will inform you whether you have passed the entrance examination.
  7. You will receive the training contract.

Form for admission examination
Application and admission procedure
Evidence Admission Form

WORKBOOK  Admission and registration

What you might want to know (FAQ)

What does relevant (enschlägig) mean?

Relevant means belonging to a specific field or subject. For this purpose, OdA ARTECURA defines all professions from medicine, therapy, art and education.

What does the admission dossier contain?

Your electronic admission dossier must be received by us 10 days before the entrance examination and consists of:

  1. vitae with name, address, phone number, e-mail address, nationality, date of birth and portrait picture
  2. the letter of motivation
    a statement of the intention why, in the context of the original profession and personal background, training as a dance therapist is being sought.
  3. the prospective financial plan
  4. the completed application form (download below)
  5. the completed Evidence of Admission form

You can find all downloads here

Was ist der Inhalt der Aufnahmeprüfung?

The entrance examination consists of 2 parts:

  1. The online questionnaire, which you will receive after we receive your dossier. It must be filled in 6 days before the practical entrance exam day.
  2. The practical entrance examination day. On this day we will introduce you to the main dance therapy method of our course. We want to know how you understand movement tasks and how you perform them in movement. We also want to know how you creatively design movement and how you experience movement. This day is not about “good” or “”bad”, “right” or “wrong”, but we are interested in your individual vitality and in your joy of movement.

How much does the entering procedure cost?

The entrance examination costs CHF 300.-, which must be transferred with the receipt of the registration form.

If you have to take an equivalence examination, OdA ARTECURA will determine the costs.

If you want to take advantage of the crediting of external learning achievements, the costs amount to CHF 100.- to CHF 300.- depending on the effort.

What is the equivalence test?

The equivalency exam will bring you to the level Tertiary B relevant if you fulfill the secondary level II at the time of admission to ZOE SCHOOL.

The procedure for this: ZOE SCHOOL will provide you with a form for this purpose. The equivalence test is carried out by OdA ARTECURA.

What does recognition of foreign learning achivements mean?

If you have already completed some or several learning contents for your previous occupation, these can be recognized by us if necessary. The prerequisite for this is that this learning content is identical to the learning content specified by OdA ARTECURA. You will receive up to a maximum of 40% reduction for the attendance at the contact classes and the self-responsibility for the self-study time. You have to pass all exams. Please contact us for this.

What is Federal Advanced Examination (Federal Diploma)

Federal Advanced Examination (Federal Diploma) e.g. Art Therapy Movement and Dance Therapy
Federal higher professional examinations are aimed at professionals who want to deepen or broaden the competencies they have acquired in their professional field or who aspire to a management position. The preparation for the examination is usually done on a part-time basis ZOE SCHOOL FOR DANCE MOVEMENT THERAPY

What is secondary level II

After compulsory schooling, students transfer to the secondary level II. These are courses of education that lead to

  • Vocational apprenticeship with federal certificate of proficiency
  • Secondary school certificate (Fachmittelschulausweis)
  • Matura certificate

What does tertiary B mean?

The tertiary education sector comprises the following areas

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Doctorates