Sppecialized Training: Dance Movement Therapy Psychopathology, Psychosomatics and Psychiatry / Movement Observation and Dance Therapy Intervention

20. May 2023

In this specialized training you will deal with the basics of psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychopathology with the aspect of indications and contraindications for movement work in general and dance therapy in particular. Woven into this you will enter into your own dance therapy process and pursue the movement analysis required for this and discuss the movement interventions appropriate for this.

Start: May 20th 2023
End: February 3rd 2024
Total hours 140

Costs: CHF  3’000.-

  • Course I 42 hours Birgit Milz:
    Psychopathology, psychosomatics, psychiatry linked to dance therapy.
  • Course II 98 hours Christel Büche
    Laban Bartenieff Movement System Christel Büche


Dipl.Psych. Birgit Milz

Federally recognized psychotherapist
Course in Dance / Movement Therapy (Ute Lang/Kedzie Penfield,Berlin)
Diploma in Analytical Psychology C.G.Jung Institute Zurich
EMDR Supervisor (EMDR Europe)
Various further trainings in psychotraumatology, attachment theory and dissociative disorders

Janka Kormos

PhD Candidate - Psychology Doctoral School, University of Pecs
Certified KMP Movement Analyst & Trainer Registered Dance-Movement Therapy, MA (FVB-NVAT)