Specialized Training: Dance Movement Therapy and Psychopathology / Psychosomatics / Psychiatry (56 hrs)

20. May 2023

Dance Movement Therapy and psychopathology / psychosomatics / psychiatry is a specialized training consisting of two courses from the course. It is aimed at psychiatrists and psychologists who are interested in incorporating the body and its movement into their therapeutic approach and work. Please note that this training is not a dance therapy training.

Start: May 20, 2023
End: April 6, 2024
Total 56 hours

Costs: CHF 1’200

Language German, English on request

Basic knowledge in anatomy/physiology / diseases
German at least B2 level

  • Course I 42 hrs Birgit Milz:
    Psychopathology, Psychosomatics, Psychiatry linked to Dance Movement Therapy.
  • Course II 14 hrs Birgit Milz
    Advanced psychopathology linked to Dance Movement Therapy.


Dipl.Psych. Birgit Milz

Federally recognized psychotherapist
Course in Dance / Movement Therapy (Ute Lang/Kedzie Penfield,Berlin)
Diploma in Analytical Psychology C.G.Jung Institute Zurich
EMDR Supervisor (EMDR Europe)
Various further trainings in psychotraumatology, attachment theory and dissociative disorders