Mobility Gradient (with pre- and perinatal development)

19. April 2023

Course duration: 7 days 49 hours

October 6th / October 7th / October 8th  / October 9th 2023 / April 19th  / April 20th / April 21st  2024

Costs  whole course CHF 1050.-
COsts April19th to 21st: CHF 550.-

Language: English

In this course you will learn how the development of movement takes place in the complex field of tension between phylogenesis, the evolutionary development of biological systematics, and ontogenesis. You will gain an insight into the developmental processes from the cellular structures to the organismic level. The focus is particularly on the perspective of neurobiological development as well as pre- and perinatal movement development. Participants will be introduced to this challenging topic theoretically and through movement experience and will also expand their understanding of these complex relationships through exercises and practical application.

The following topics will be covered (under consideration of the theory-practice-theory connection):

  • The organization of the developing brain through movement and the psychological processing that takes place in this process.
  • The movement centers of the brain and their influence on identity, emotional regulation, creativity, and reflective thinking.
  • The relationship between attention and movement.
  • The sensorimotor processing loop: from sensory input to central processing to motor response.
  • Micro-movement and macro-movement – the continuum from states that are felt within to movements that are externally observable and their coherence and connection to unconscious associations.


Christine Caldwell

PhD, Somatic Psychology. Professor