Specialized Training: Group work in Dance Movement Therapy

15. December 2023

The Marian Chace technique is today an integral part of Dance Movement Therapy (group) work. We combine this technique with the theoretical background of group work vin Irvin Yalom.

First, you will be taught basic theoretical backgrounds on the psychology of the group, which you will also experience in an experiential and movement-oriented way. These are:

  • the therapeutic effect factors of a group
  • the formation and structure of a therapy group
  • the phases and processes of a therapy group
  • the cohesion and synchronicity of a therapy group
  • norms, roles and defense phenomena in a therapy group
  • the group-specific structure of a therapy session
  • interventions in conflicts and crises in therapy groups

Furthermore you will deal practically and in practical application with

  • Dance Movement Therapy techniques such as mirroring and echoing in relation to embodiment and from a clinical point of view,
  • the role of non-verbal, kinesthetic empathy and synchronization and their importance for the emergence of group cohesion and group development and
  • the Chace circle and the concept Holding environment / Safe Space/ Containment.

Start December 16, 2023
End 31 January 2024
Total 56 hours / 8 days

Costs: CHF 1’200

German at least B2 level

Course I Group work 14 hours Ariane Konrad
Course II The Marian Chace Method 42 hrs Ariane Konrad

Timetable Specialized WB DMT Group

Ariane Konrad

Philosopher M.A., Dance Movement Therapist DGT
Trauma Therapist NARMĀ® Practitioner