Specialized Training: Dance Movement Therapy

24. July 2024

Start: September  2023
End: October  2025 Total 399 hours

Costs: CHF 6480.-
Title after this  further education: “Further education in Dance Movement Therapy ZOE SCHOOL”.

This unit is a continuing education course for psychotherapists and psychologists who want to systematically integrate the body, movement and movement expression into their treatments. If you are interested in Unit 2 and have a different professional background than mentioned above, please contact us.

This unit teaches the basics of movement observation and movement assessments as an insight into the personality, as a perspective for personality development, and as a basis for movement intervention also on non- and averbal levels. Dance therapy research on the topics covered will be presented in class and their findings will be presented in class for discussion regarding their use in movement interventions.

Please reserve self-study time for this unit.

The registration procedure
The application consists of a dossier with CV, letter of motivation and listing of work/experience in psychology/psychotherapy.

Deadline for sending the dossier: 1 month before the start of the unit.

The payment procedure
After the notification of admission from our side, we ask you to transfer 50% of the course cost within 7 days. This will secure your place in the continuing education unit. The remaining 50% of the course costs are due 4 months after the start of the training at the latest.

The courses

  • 14 hrs History of Dance Therapy linked to the history of dance and the currents of psychotherapy
  • 14 hrs Imagination Improvisation Interaction
  • 14 hrs Ritual Dance Ritualization in Dance Therapy
  • 98 hrs Laban Bartenieff Movement System
  • 49 hrs Mobility Gradient/Pre- and Perinatal Movement Development
  • 42 hrs Kestenberg Movement Profile
  • 105 hrs Authentic Movement
  • 21 hrs Body Image
  • 42 hrs Group Work in Dance Movement Therapy

Timetable Unit 2: Unit 2 schedule: To be announced at a later date. If you need more detailed information based on your schedule, please contact us.


Janka Kormos

PhD Candidate - Psychology Doctoral School, University of Pecs
Certified KMP Movement Analyst & Trainer Registered Dance-Movement Therapy, MA (FVB-NVAT)

Esther Böhlcke

Gestalt Sociotherapist, Movement Pedagogue Laura Sheleen

Rebecca Barnstaple

International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation
University of Guelph
PhD Dance Studies, Neuroscience Graduate Program
York University, Toronto

Christine Caldwell

PhD, Somatic Psychology. Professor

Helen Payne

Professor of Psychotherapy, Dance/movement therapist (BC-DMT), Somatic Psychologist (PhD), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)

Puspa Agarwalla

Dr. Phil. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist