Supvervision / Intervision: Learning Group

08. August 2024

12 blocks of 2 hours each Thursday 17h to 19h online:

August 08th/ September 05th / October 17th / October 31st /  November 07th / November 28th 2024
February 06th / February 20th / March 06th / March 20th / April 24th /May 22nd 2025

4 blocks of 4 hours each: Friday 13h to 17h in Basel

September 20th/ December 13th 2024
April 04th/ May 09th 2025

Total 40 hours

Costs: CHF 900.-

Language: German

In this course you will have the opportunity to have your work supervised. Special phases will also be intervisored. This means that the participants supervise each other. The focus is on: The examination of the therapeutic processes in relation to diagnostic factors (movement analysis) and goal setting of the therapeutic process in relation to interventions and the structure of the therapeutic relationship. In addition, the topics of boundaries and the psychohygiene of the supervisees are considered.

Isabelle Roch

PhD, supervisor-coach ED, art therapist ED, specializing in intermedia.

Brigitte Z├╝ger

Head of School, Dance Movement Therapist, Swiss Dioloma Kunsttherapie/Dance Movement Therapy