Specialized Training: Dance Movement Therapy (399hrs)

14. September 2023

Dance Movement Therapy General is a Specialized Continuing Education course consisting of several courses from the curriculum. It is designed for health professionals interested in Dance Movement Therapy to deepen and expand their original profession. Please note that this  training does not qualify you to use the title of certified Dance Movement Therapist.

Start: Next possible start: September 14 2023, October 6, 2023, October 20, 2023, November 3rd 2023, January 26th, April 19th, April 24th, September 9th 2024
Duration ca 2-3 years
Total 399 hours

Costs:CHF 6’480.-


Course I: 14 hrs Ariane Konrad:
History of Dance Movement  Therapy tied to the history of dance and the currents of psychotherapy.
Course II 14 hrs. Esther Böhlcke:
Imagination Improvisation Interaction (Depth Psychological Dance MovementTherapy according to C.G. Jung)
Course III 14 hrs. Esther Böhlcke:
Rituals-Dance Ritualization in Dance Movement Therapy (Depth Psychological Dance Movement Therapy according to Laua Sheleen)
Course IV98 hrs. Christel Büche / Brigitte Züger
Laban Bartenieff Movement System (Main Method Dance MovementTherapy: Movement Observation, Assessments, Interventions)
Course V49 hrs Prof. Dr. Christine Caldwell:
Mobility Gradient: Pre- and perinatal movement development linked to neurophysiology.
Course VI 42 hrs Christel Büche:
Kestenberg Movement Profile (Building on the Laban Bartenieff Movement System)
Course VII105 hrs. Prof. Dr. Helen Payne:
Authentic Movement (in-depth psychological dance therapy in connection with other methods (language, image, music, sculpting))
Course VIII 21 hrs Prof. Dr. Joachim Küchenhoff:
Body image (according to the model KBL Prof. Dr. J. Küchenhoff)
Course IX 42 hrs. Ariane Konrad:
Dance Movement Therapy group according to Marian Chace

Please contact us for dates and course times

Christel Büche

Dance Pedagogue/Certified Dance Movement Therapist BTD/Cert. KMP

Christine Caldwell

PhD, Somatic Psychology. Professor

Helen Payne

Professor of Psychotherapy, Dance/movement therapist (BC-DMT), Somatic Psychologist (PhD), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)

Puspa Agarwalla

Dr. Phil. Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

Ariane Konrad

Philosopher M.A., Dance Movement Therapist DGT
Trauma Therapist NARM® Practitioner

Esther Böhlcke

Gestalt Sociotherapist, Movement Pedagogue Laura Sheleen

Brigitte Züger

Head of School, Dance Movement Therapist, Swiss Dioloma Kunsttherapie/Dance Movement Therapy