Rituals, Dance Rituals, Ritualisation in Dance Movement Therapy

14. September 2024

Course duration : 2 days / 14 hours

September 14th / September 15th  2024

Costs: CHF 300.-

Language: German, English on request

German at least B2 level

In this course you will be introduced to the «ring ritual» according to Laura Sheleen. In particular, you will learn the different roles of the individuals in this ritual. Furthermore, you will learn the Sufi ritual «4 cardinal points». You will deal with the symbol of the circle (mandala), related to the self (depth psychology), on the level of social interaction and on the level of psychotherapeutic effect.

Furthermore, you will turn your focus to the meaning of space and movement variations as well as to the feeling of being included, related to rituals and their effect in terms of  depth psychology.



Esther Böhlcke

Gestalt Sociotherapist, Movement Pedagogue Laura Sheleen