Psychosomatics, Psychopathology, Psychiatry

20. May 2023

Course duration: 6 days, 42 hours

May 20th  / May 21st / June 17th / June 18th  / September 22nd  / September 23rd  2023

Costs: CHF 900.-

Language: German and English

In this course you will be introduced to psychosomatic theories and models, and you will learn to understand psychosomatic mechanisms from a neurobiological and developmental psychological perspective. You will especially learn to understand the most common psychosomatic symptoms as well as the psychosomatic dynamics of eating behavior and eating disorders, skin diseases and gynecology, rheumatic and pain diseases, and motor disorders.

As for the field of psychopathology, you will learn models of status survey, especially those based on subjectivity and intersubjectivity.

In the field of psychiatry, you will learn the most important symptoms and their classification.

For all three areas, you will not only be made aware of appropriate conversation, but you will also connect the learning content directly to dance therapy interventions.

You will deal with the difference between crises and psychiatric emergencies, and you will be able to either initiate appropriate conversations/dance therapy interventions or to initiate indications for a referral.


Dipl.Psych. Birgit Milz

Federally recognized psychotherapist
Course in Dance / Movement Therapy (Ute Lang/Kedzie Penfield,Berlin)
Diploma in Analytical Psychology C.G.Jung Institute Zurich
EMDR Supervisor (EMDR Europe)
Various further trainings in psychotraumatology, attachment theory and dissociative disorders