Philosophy-Sociology-Demography-other Cultures and Religions (HFP M2)

17. August 2024

Duration: 4 days / 28 hours:
August 17th/ August 18th / September 21st /September 22nd 2024

Language: German B2

Costs course incl. guided self-study time (1:1 coaching) CHF 780.-
Cost of oral examination (colloquium) course CHF 200.-
Cost of written exam (whole M2 only) CHF 200.-

All as part of module examination M2

  • Basic concepts of philosophy from the perspective of science and embodiment
  • Basic concepts of sociology
  • Demography from the perspective of culture and health
  • Socialisation processes in relation to culture
  • Social factors influencing health in certain population groups
  • Religions and their significance in everyday life
  • General characteristics of sects

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Michaela Noseck-Licul

Mag. Dr. phil. Cultural Anthropologist / Medical Anthropologist, Lecturer for ethics in health professions