Basic Pedagogical Attitudes and Concepts- Norms and Val-ues in Education-Social and Special Education

04. October 2024

Duration: 4 days / 24 hours:
October 4th / October 18th / November 1st / November 8th   2023
Inclusive art pedagogical concept

Costs: CHF 450.-

Language: German, English on request

German at least B2 level

This course will provide you with the basic knowledge of pedagogy. Starting point is the history of pedagogy and its currents in the historical context. Furthermore, you will learn the human images of which pedagogical concepts, values and norms are derived. You will learn about different tasks such as special and remedial education or education for behavioral problems as well as the scientific side of pedagogy.

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Kaya Eng

Master of Arts in Mediation of Art and Design with teaching diploma, FHNW HGK, Basel, FHNW PH, Muttenz