Laban / Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS)

01. August 2025

Course duration: 14 days 98 hours

Start: August 1st 2025, more details later. Class is Friday/Saturday/Sunday total 5 weekends

Costs: CHF 2100.-

Language: German, English on request

In this course, you will first get an overview of the LBMS. The course is dedicated to interweaving personal experience, group discussion and theoretical understanding. You will learn about all the categories and their specifications, as well as the principles of LBMS, extract from them your preferences as a basis for your movement observation and for your future intervention culture, and you will learn about their relation to dance therapy goals. You will learn how to apply the principles for dance therapy interventions, for the use of functional and expressive movement and for their connection to the wide field of emotions.


Christel B├╝che

Dance Pedagogue/Certified Dance Movement Therapist BTD/Cert. KMP