Kestenberg Movement Profile

08. March 2024

Course duration: 42 hours, 6 days

March 08th / March 09th / March 10th  / May 03rd / May 04th / May  05th  2024

Costs: CHF 900.-

Language German, English on request

Basic knowledge in Laban Bartenieff Movement System
German at least B2 level

The KMP is the differentiated further development of the LBMS. It highlights the relationship factor (bonding, match/miss-match, attunment etc.) and can be seen as a deepening and differentiation especially for the dance-therapeutic relationship.

This course builds upon the course «LBMS», but can also be attended separately (if you have the necessary prior «LBMS» knowledge). You will get to know the theoretical basics of the system and at the end of the course you will understand the importance of the system for dance-therapeutic practice, especially the importance of movement observation, movement interventions and the (dance-)therapeutic relationship.



Christel Büche

Dance Pedagogue/Certified Dance Movement Therapist BTD/Cert. KMP