Imagination, Improvisation, Interaction

13. April 2024

Duration : 2 days /14 hours:
April 13th / April 14th  2024

Costs: CHF 300.-

Language: German

German at least B2 level

In this course, participants experience a unique transition from imagination to dance improvisation. They learn that inner images unfold, change and develop through dance and movement. By entering the body experience through dance, they open up the whole person and at the same time have an effect on them. Based on and building on these experiences, participants will also learn how to lead body journeys and use interventions to seamlessly integrate the images that arise into their improvisations. Our focus is on bringing inner images to life, enabling an authentic experience while exploring the depth psychological dimension of dance.

The course not only offers practical experience, but also teaches methodological concepts on how to use images and intermedial transitions from a depth psychological perspective. You will be guided to master the art of expressing inner ideas through movement and in this way explore a deeper psychological level.

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Esther Böhlcke

Gestalt Sociotherapist, Movement Pedagogue Laura Sheleen