History of Dance Movement Therapy linked to the History of Dance and the Currents in Psychotherapy

20. October 2023

Duration: 2 days /14 hours:
Oct 20th / Oct 21st 2023

Costs: CHF 300.-

Language: German

German at least B2 level

In this course, participants will learn about the fascinating development of dance and movement therapy through the first, second and third generations of leading dance therapists in the US and Europe. They will learn how sociocultural influences have shaped the origins of this form of therapy – from the life reform movement at the beginning of the last century to current evidence-based research under the embodiment paradigm.

We shed light on outstanding personalities in dance and movement therapy and delve into their artistic and psychotherapeutic backgrounds in a theoretical and practice-oriented way. At the end of the course, participants will know more about the roots of dance therapy and discover its progress to its current application within the embodiment paradigm.

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Ariane Konrad

Philosopher M.A., Dance Movement Therapist DGT
Trauma Therapist NARMĀ® Practitioner