Emergencies: First aider level 1 and 2 IVR

29. November 2024

Course duration 4 days 28 hours

Nov29th / Nov 30th 2024 / April 11th / April 12th 2025

Costs: CHF 900.-

Language: German
requirement: Level B2 German

The basic course is structured in a level system and comprises three courses. First Aid Level 1 IVR is designed to enable anyone to provide first aid – whether at work or in their free time. You will also receive the BLS-AED BLS = Basic Life Support and AED = Automated External Defibrillator certificate. First Aid Level 2 IVR deepens the knowledge gained and expands it with regard to safety and hygiene measures.

This course is run on behalf of REABASEL www.reabasel.ch