Embodiment-Communication-Common Factors

21. September 2024

Duration: 4 days / 28 hours:
September 21st / September 22nd / Oktober 25th / Oktober 26th 2024

Cost: CHF 600.-

Language: German, English on request

German at least B2 level

In this course, participants explore the connection between mind/cognition and physical behavior, commonly known as embodiment. Communication is largely based on this connection and manifests itself in many different ways. Particular importance is attached to the phenomenon of body synchrony in the course, as this gives rise to the effective factors of psychotherapy that are also specifically relevant to dance therapy.

A short digression also sheds light on the topic from a philosophical perspective.

Participants acquire the knowledge of how therapeutic relationships can be shaped adequately, respectfully and authentically through the use of the body (non-verbal, intervention through movement) in communication. This not only deepens the understanding of the connection between mind and body, but also sharpens the ability for empathetic non-verbal communication in a therapeutic context.

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Michaela Noseck-Licul

Mag. Dr. phil. Cultural Anthropologist / Medical Anthropologist, Lecturer for ethics in health professions