Embodiment-Communication-Common Factors

04. November 2022

Duration: 4 days / 28 hours:
Nov 4th  / Nov 25th / Dez 02 / Dec 09th  2022

Cost: CHF 600.-

Language: German, English on request

The course is closely related to the empirical research work of Professor Tschacher.


Embodiment is the connection of mind/cognition with bodily behavior/expression, a connection from which communication emerges and manifests. Students will learn the importance of embodiment through the chain from embodiment to synchronicity, to communication and the impact factors that emerge as a result.


In this course, participants will gain the ability to adequately, respectfully and authentically form therapeutic relationships with communication, through the use of the body in communication, by mastering the means of verbal and non-verbal relationship building.

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Wolfgang Tschacher

Prof. Dr. phil Psychologist, Family therapist