Crash-Course Concept Development

25. November 2021

You are a Dance Movement Therapist and want to create an offer for your practice, or you have the task as an employee in your clinic to create a treatment concept for a specific patient group, or you simply want to have an economical and appropriate (health insurance requirement) and therefore a well-founded treatment concept at hand. Then this course is the right one for you!

The course is an abridged version of the course in the Art Therapy/Movement and Dance Therapy ZOE SCHOOL course.

Dates: November 25th and  December 2nd 2021
each 6pm to 8pm (MESZ) via Zoom

Costs: CHF 180.-
Students from partner institutions: 30% discount


Brigitte Züger

Head of School, Dance Movement Therapist, Swiss Dioloma Kunsttherapie/Dance Movement Therapy