Authentic Movement

15. March 2024

Course duration: 15 days / 105 hours:

March 15th/ March 22nd  / May 10th  / May  31st / June 27th 2024
July 02nd / 03rd / 04th / 05th / 06th 2024
October 04th /05th /06th /07th /08th 2024

Costs: CHF 2’500.-

Language: English, German on request

This course belongs to the depth psychological (Jungian) dance therapy. The goal of the course is primarily the discovery of the inner world through mindfulness for inner movement impulses and thus the orientation of attention to the inner happening. Thus, it is about being/moving in the present or “I am present in my individual aliveness.” This “being in one’s own body” can extend to the physical or emotional level as well as to the level of symbols or inner images.

Being in the present is supported by working with the “Witness.” She creates through her being a protected space for these explorations. Thus a relationship between “Mover” and “Witness” is created. The exchange between Mover and Witness supports not only the security but also the opening up of the (still) unconscious parts. This exchange is ritualized so that the intimacy of the experienced movement is protected and supported and can develop trustfully.

With the deepening of this “experiencing in being” the inherent human need to express oneself comes to the surface. This expression can be through words (poetry), painting pictures, sculpting or even music/voice.

The dyadic formation “Mover”/”Witness” can expand to other contact formations, to triads and groups (Circles) during the deepening process, which supports the expansion/extension/deepening of experience and expression. Again, clear rituals exist for both action and verbal exchange, thus granting and sustaining the intimacy of experience and the protection of expression.


Helen Payne

Professor of Psychotherapy, Dance/movement therapist (BC-DMT), Somatic Psychologist (PhD), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)