Authentic Movement

02. July 2024

Course duration: 5 days / 35 hours and or 10 days / 70 hours

July 02nd / 03rd / 04th / 05th / 06th 2024
October 04th /05th /06th /07th /08th 2024

Costs July: CHF 750.-
Costs October: CHF 750.-
Cost of both courses CHF 1’300.-

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*these days are operated online via Zoom

The online course days are designed to ensure that participants are in a protected and intimate space without outside interference. The focus here is on exploring their own deep experiences.

Costs: CHF 2’500.-

Language: English

This course in depth psychological (Jungian) dance therapy is about discovering the inner world through mindfulness of inner movement impulses. The aim is to direct attention to the current experience, to experience a feeling of “I am alive here and now”. This “being here in my own body” encompasses physical, emotional and symbolic levels.

The “witness” plays an important role by creating a protected space for these explorations. This “Witness” supports the relationship between the mover and her (Witness), which not only provides safety but also makes unconscious aspects accessible. This exchange is ritualized in order to preserve and develop the intimacy of the experience.

As this experience deepens, a need for expression arises. This can take place through words, images, sculpting or even music/voice.

The dyadic formation “Mover”/”Witness” can expand to other forms of contact in the course of the process, which supports the experience and expression. Here, too, there are clear rituals to preserve the intimacy of the experience and the protection of expression.