Artistic Inquiry

08. February 2025

Course duration: 15 days / 105 hours

February 8th / February 9th / March 15th / March 16th / April 5th / April 6th / May 17th / May 23rd / June 21st / June 22nd / August 30th / August 31st / September 5th / September 12th / September 26th (final rehearsal) / September 27th (performance) 2025

Costs: CHF: 2250.-

Language: German
Requirement: German Level B2

The aim of this course is to create two pieces – a solo and a group piece, each lasting 10 minutes. The students go through a personal process for the development of the two pieces. To this end, they are introduced to Rudolf von Laban’s choreology and spatial theory on the one hand and to the choreographic work of contemporary dance on the other. These two elements should permeate the stylistic design of their pieces.

The teachers not only act as knowledge mediators, but are also available to the participants as coaches for the choreographic development process of the works. The creative process is also reflected upon from the perspective of personal development with the aim of ensuring the authenticity of the choreographies.



Tina Mantel

Prof. ZFH Choreographer, Dancer, MA in Dance Science, Dance Pedagogue, Coach

Katja Borsdorf

Dance Pedagogue