Artistic Inquiry

03. February 2023

Course duration: 15 days / 105 hours

February 3rd / February 4th / February 17th / February 18th / February 24th / March 31st  / April 1st / April 2nd  / April 16th  / May 12th / August 4th. / August  5th / August 18th / September 8th  / September 9th (Performance)

Costs CHF: 2250.-

Language: German and Englisch

In the course “Artistic Design” you will complete the process of creating one or more choreographic works. You will learn different models of choreographic design from Laban movement theory as well as from contemporary dance, which you will use for your choreographies. In particular, these models include the aspects of spatial design or the use of the stage space, the dynamic qualities and phrasing of movement in favor of your chosen artistic theme and your individual artistic expression. In addition, the course will sensitize you to the inclusion of music, lyrics, props and costumes. In order for your choreography to grow from your personality and bear the character of your individuality, you will be guided to reflect on your personal artistic process based on several criteria such as “from improvisation to composition” or “overcoming your hurdles leading to the deepening of the works”. The goal is the creation of individual, authentic works with strong expressiveness and artistic quality.


Katja Borsdorf

Dance Pedagogue

Tina Mantel

Prof. ZFH Choreographer, Dancer, MA in Dance Science, Dance Pedagogue, Coach