Anatomy Physiology (HFP M1)

07. February 2025

Course duration: 10 half days 09:00 to 13:00 / 40 hours

Feb 7th / Feb 14th / Feb 21st / Feb 28th / March 21st / March 28th / April 4th / May 09th / May 16th / June 13th 2025

Language: German
Prerequisites German LevelB2

Costs: CHF 800.-

  1. cell and tissue theory: organizational levels of the human body, the cell as a basic building block, cell division, basic types of tissue (3h). Overview of the cardiovascular system (1h)
  2. Heart, circulation, vascular system, blood. Respiration, kidney Contents: Structure and tasks of the cardiovascular system, structure and tasks of the individual sections: Heart, arteries, veins, capillaries. Tasks and composition of the blood (2h) Structure and tasks of the upper and lower respiratory tract, respiratory mechanics (1h), kidney (1h)
  3. Digestion and metabolism, immune system Contents: Basic concepts of metabolism, overview of food components, structure and function of the digestive tract, structure and function of the liver and pancreas (3h) Immune system: components and functions of the lymphatic system, active and passive immunization (1h)
  4. Endocrine system, reproductive system Hormonal glands and endocrine tissue, hierarchy of hormonal secretion and regulatory circuit (2h). Structure and function of the male and female reproductive organs, pregnancy (2h)
  5. Nervous system and sensory organs: tasks of the nervous system, structure and function of nervous tissue, classification of the nervous system into central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system (2h). Skin: structure and functions of the skin and skin appendages (1h). Eye and ear: anatomy, sensory modalities and qualities (1h)
  6. skeleton, trunk – overview of the spine (vertebral structure, curvatures, discs, ligaments, movements) ribs, rib cage, trunk muscles (back / abdominal / respiratory muscles). Head, neck
  7. lower extremity 1: pelvis: bones, ligaments, joints femur, hip joint (with ligaments). Hip muscles (including iliopsoas muscle, gluteal muscles) Thigh: ischiocrural muscles
  8. lower limb 2: muscles of the front of the thigh, adductor muscles. Knee joint. Lower leg and foot: bones, joints, muscles
  9. upper extremity 1: shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, shoulder muscles. Upper arm: humerus muscles, elbow joint 1
  10. upper extremity 2: elbow joint 2, forearm: bones, ligaments, muscles. Hand: bones, joints, muscles