Assoziierter Kurs MINDFUL MOVEMENT: Harnessing Power with Adolescents

25. Oktober 2021

Adolescence is a time to break free: to assert independence from families, be cautiously adventurous with friends, to explore new emotions, new values, and, most importantly, new identities. How can we help our teens experience the transformative power of adolescence when 2020-2021 literally has them stuck in a box? From the isolating walls of IRL bedrooms to the intrusive Gallery View of virtual classrooms, from superficial selfie frames to fleeting TikTok filters, breaking free is harder than ever!

Teacher: Dr. Laurie Scherer, PsyD, MA, MS, R-DMT

Join Dr. Laurie M. Scherer as she creates an inclusive and playful virtual space for therapists, educators and healers of all kinds to explore how to support youth in reclaiming their agency through mindful movement. In her MNDFL_MVMTS series, Dr. Laurie fuses Dance/Movement Therapy techniques, evidence-based mindfulness and emotion-regulation practices, and artistic expression to enhance body awareness, build grounding skills, develop kinesthetic empathy, promote self-acceptance & self-care practices, all while fostering a greater sense of connection to self, others, and the natural world.

Datum: 25. Oktober 2021
15:00 bis 18:30 via Zoom

Kosten: CHF 80.- / Studierende ZOE SCHOOL CHF 40.-